At Procter Precision, we offer a wide range of services. Wire Cut EDM services is our specialty. Our micro-precision EDM work is highly detailed and durable, all the while offering our customers competitive pricing and quality product. We also offer Engineering Design Services and Tool and Die Services. Both available to accomodate your increases or changes in your short or long term business plans. 

EDM Services

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a very accurate, dependable and repeatable method of drilling and cutting high tolerance parts and tooling. Our micro-precision EDM work is highly detailed and durable.




Tool & Die Services

Our EDM cutting technology and machine shop equipment gives us the capabilities to build, refurbish or repair your low or high volume dies to industry standards. We are your ONE STOP TOOL & DIE SHOP for your used or new tooling. We have the ability to manufacture high tolerance tooling for complex designs.

 Fourslide Die 1

Engineering Design Services

If you require assistance to create a final product drawing based on your ideas or sketches, we can help! We can also assist you in producing a cost effective part by reviewing your product design. We support several different CAD data formats as well as offer design capabilities using Pro-Engineer Wildfire 5. All of our programs are documented and archived for future use.


 design services